Personal data and privacy policy

The private company “Angeliki Rampaouni – Jewellery design” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), as the administrator for data contained in the website, informs its users that the processing of provided data of personal content (hereinafter referred to as “data”) is conducted in writing, using electronic or telecommunication means, in order to provide the required service. In order to process your transactions on the online store, but also in order to be able to contact you directly, is it possible that you will be asked for some personal information, such as your name, email address etc. If you wish to purchase products from the online store using a credit card, you will be asked for details such as the cardholder’s name, the card number, the card’s expiration date and the CVV number.

Users’ personal data, which is sent electronically to the website, remains classified and is not transmitted, not communicated to third parties. It is possible that it will be communicated to the Company’s partners, who are used by the website’s data administrator  and to whom the administrator has assigned the provision of the administrator’s services, as well as to data employees and administrators, to whom the administrator has provided an updated list with website data. The website’s users are not required to provide their personal data. However, if they do not do so, they might not be able to receive the required service.

At any point in time, website users have the right to control their personal data and correct, update or delete the same, as well as to exercise the rights they enjoy under the stipulations of Law 2472/1997. Strictly following the principles for personal data protection stipulated by the relevant laws and international agreements, will not proceed in any unfair and unapproved use of your personal data.

The maintained file data might be published to the responsible judicial, police and other governing authorities following their legal request, and in accordance with the then prevailing and relevant legislation. Finally, in accordance to the legislation regarding telecommunication confidentiality, you have the rights of update and objection, stipulated by articles 11 to 14 of Law 2472/1997.


Similar to most sites, uses alphanumeric identification files, known as “cookies”. Cookies are necessary files in order to facilitate certain functions of the online store, since they ensure its smooth and continuous operation. Cookies are small, harmless files (text files), which are transmitted and temporarily stored on the user’s personal computer or mobile device, giving websites such as the ability to communicate with the user by identifying him/her after frequent use, and facilitating his access to the website and his/her transactions. This is achieved by collecting data, which is also used to improve the content of the website