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Delivery information

Delivery and shipping cost information

Shipping costs are not included in the price of the order, and are borne by the buyers, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.

If the ordered product is not immediately available to be shipped or not in stock, the order will remain pending and ANGELART will contact the buyer for the availability date, the substitution of the product with other products in stock or cancellation of the order.

The address specified by the buyer must be real and valid. If the buyer is absent from the specified address during delivery by the courier company, or the address details have changed, the buyer is responsible for notifying ANGELART as soon as possible, in order to ship the products to the correct address. Otherwise, the buyer will bear the additional shipping cost.

Important notice: Receiving the products and signing to the courier company equates with acceptance of the products and packaging and of its excellent condition.


Shipping cost within Greece

All products are shipped within 2-5 working days, through a courier company to the address you have specified in your order, provided the products are in stock and available to be shipped.

By placing products in your shopping cart, you can see your order’s shipping cost. The shipping cost is not at a fixed cost, but varies depending on your address, and the size and weight of products in your order. The shipping cost is calculated automatically based on the specified delivery address and the quantity and weight of the products in your order during checkout.

If the delivery address is tagged as inaccessible area from the courier company, an extra amount will be added to the shipping cost.

If you would like ANGELART to contact you, you may request this by filling the appropriate text field during checkout.

If there is a delay in the delivery of your order, please contact us via email at

International shipping

All products are shipped by courier to the address you have specified in your order within 5-7 working days, provided they are in stock and available for immediate dispatch.